Tim Anderson

After teaching linear and integer programming optimization for years using a variety of proprietary platforms I decided to adopt R in the course to help introduce students to the world of analytics. A series of lecture notes grew into a book length collection and organized into a book using the bookdown and tufte packages. Goals of the project included making a useful resource for students, demonstrating R documentation & reproducibility practices, and retaining open access.

At a 2019 conference CRC Press asked to publish the revised book. While progress slowed due to the pandemic, the book was officially published in July 2022. In this talk I will discuss the lessons learned, including mistakes made. The book's github repository is at https://github.com/prof-anderson/OR_Using_R and is available from Amazon in various formats as ““Optimization Modeling using R”".

A feature that I am proud of is that the book was entirely written using the R and RStudio ecosystem of tools. Over the years, the book (in its various stages) has been used by over 600 analytics and engineering management students and many have made contributions along the way that are acknowledged.