Jeff Rothschild

This talk shares a shiny dashboard I created using flexdashboard:

This app calculates hourly energy balance and allows an athlete/coach/dietitian to identify if someone is spending too much time in too big of an energy surplus or deficit, and plan meal sizes accordingly based on their exercise. As a dietitian this is something I’ve thought about and wanted to build for quite a while, as many people focus too much on daily energy balance and underestimate the importance of within-day balance. Put simply, if someone exercises in the morning and eats all of their food at dinner time, even if they are in a calorie balance it is not the healthiest way of eating. The talk will explain the rationale for the app and walk through the steps I took to build it – starting with the thought process and a static r script, adding the interactive features, and customizing the design. I will also talk about some of the few challenges I faced along the way such as customizing the CSS and needing to combine characters and a continuous ggplot scale.